Craft: DIY Christmas Ornament

We are finally getting around to Christmas preparations. The tree was picked, put up and decorated last weekend. Now to the fun activities. I am seeing so many beautiful ideas floating around the web and blogging circles. Thanks to Pinterest we can now keep track of them all.

I couldn’t decide which activity to do first so I opened it up to Daisy’s creative side. Here are your options:

Rose loved playing with the bells. Rolling, dropping, shaking and unfortunately throwing; we are working on that one!

I did not give any structure to this craft but simply said it would be great to make something for the tree. Daisy knew what she wanted to make immediately.

Spot the magnet being drawn to the metallic beads.

I enjoyed playing too and discovered you can bend the stems into whatever shape you want.

Playing with sequencing and patterns.

Here is Daisy’s creation.

She made me promise to let her come back to this activity and make more decorations. My response was “Of course!”

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