Creative Constructions

Building and creating are great for stretching the imagination and developing fine motor skills.  While Lego has been the king of the building blocks for decades, there are some great options in stacking, interlocking, and magnetic.


Stacking blocks are the simplest and have been popular since Log Building Kits were first introduced. Typically made from wood, they are a good choice for people wanting natural materials. For even more nature play Tree Blocks bring the forest inside. Kiln dried and cut into unit block sizes, they stack evenly and come with or without bark.  Keva blocks are a precision stacking block system that come with a book of creative ideas. They also have Keva Contraptions which adds the option to make ball tracks!


Unlike stud based connecting systems like Lego or Brictek, interlocking systems rely on edge connections either with tabs or friction fit. Giant Polydron sets are especially good for PreK+ play with pieces large enough to build playhouses and tunnels.

For more tabletop play Weplay Blocks use the same style of interlocking tabs to build doll size houses or freeform constructions.  Great for developing spatial sense & fine motor skills children learn to convert 2D images and ideas into 3D structures.

IO Blocks are a new spin on building systems. Made of 12 unique plastic shapes in 6 colours that connect with a secure, yet easily adjustable friction fit, they will add new challenges and options for active builders. For even more fine detail IO Blocks Minis are one quarter the size of the original pixel style blocks.


Magnetic blocks are a great addition to any play space and you can create gravity-defying structures easily. Magna-Tiles are a mix of flat plastic squares and triangles that have magnets embedded so you can quickly build structures that won’t fall apart. Magna-Tiles come in 4 interchangeable colour sets Solid-Colours, Clear-Colours (coloured and transparent), Ice (clear transparent), and Glow in the dark.

Similar to Magna-Tiles, but hollow through the centre Powerclix is a colourful magnetic set of squares and triangles for easy building. Powerclix Organic adds 8 new flowing shapes that create a whole new set of structure options.

Panelcraft takes magnetic tiles to a new level.  The 23cm squares are large enough to create structures you can crawl through or hide behind! With Hollow and Solid frames, there are also a variety of optional panels like shatterproof Shimmer or Heat reactive sheets to add.

Tegu combines the look and feel of wood blocks with the connection power of hidden magnets. Available in both Natural and Tinted they are a new spin on block play and even have wheels!

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