Create-a-Space Storage Centre

Do you have dollarstore baskets on your students desks that end up breaking before the year is up? Are your student tables a mess?

Deciding what to keep on student’s desks and what to store elsewhere is challenging. We want to encourage independence in our students but ensuring supplies are respected and kept tidy is a must.

The Create-a-Space Storage Centre is a wonderful solution that will last and serve many functions in the classroom. It has eight brightly coloured containers, a centre cup and a tray.

All the containers are sturdy and can be organised as you need for each lesson. This allows only the materials needed for the activity, to be available. Less materials are easier to manage and keep tidy, especially for younger students.

Keeping pencils sharpened can often be a challenge to manage. If you have different sized pencils the Double Hole Pencil Sharpener is great for sharpening standard size pencils, or jumbo learner pencils.

Having a dedicated container for the sharpener and pencil shavings, avoids students having to leave their work to walk to the garbage can.

The Centre Cup is perfect for writing and colouring supplies.

However you choose to use the Create-a-Space Storage Centre, you will enjoy its durability and versatility.

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