Crafting in the Early Years

The debate over whether students should be crafting or making art has been taking place for years but has recently resurged due to adult crafters and artists having similar discussions. In the early years classrooms both are important and have a place. Often they overlap, as our students create and craft together. The importance of crafts for developing fine motor skills cannot be under estimated. The mathematical concepts covered in an art and craft lesson can sometimes be astonishing, as we count, colour match, measure and create symmetry. As we all know, learning by doing wins every time!

Here are some exciting options for our early years classrooms:

Finger Paint Sensations Kit

Mix paint with safe, non-toxic additives to create 10 textures with intriguing sensations: fine grit, funny fibres, coarse grit, squishy, soft, frictionless, dissolving, roly-poly, stringy, goopy.


Designed with a sponge tip applicator, there are no cups or brushes to set up or clean up.

Kwik Stix

Solid tempera paint sticks take the mess out of painting while keeping all the fun! Simply uncap, twist and paint. Fast drying formula allows them to dry in 90 seconds.

Tempera Blocks and Tray

One block each of red, blue, green, yellow, black and orange in a re-usable palette with a bonus brush.

Colour Me Puppets

Fabric markers, fabric paint, or any trims can be used to create unique puppets. 12 fabric puppets per pack.

Junior Paint Spritzer

Fill the bottle with liquid water colour paint and spritz out a fine mist of colour.


Fun shapes perfect for collage art in great non-toxic colours! String to make a necklace or colourful garland.

Prang Washable Glitter Paint Set

Washable paint gives off a glittery “shimmer” effect (Metallic and Fluorescent are available too) because who doesn’t love a little bit of glitter?

Scented Dough

Little hands will improve their gross motor skills by rolling, punching and moulding this high-quality kids’ play dough, while little noses delight in each exciting scent.

Clay Works Tool Set

Enough tools for the whole class to use. Set includes 54 cutter shapes, 12 rigid plastic rolling pins, 6 straight and 6 ripple pizza cutters and 3 sets of plastic cutting and shaping tools.

Clay Explorers

Here’s a super set of 4 heavy duty rollers with 1 1/2″ wide unique, inventive and clever designs for use with paint or clay.

Rubbing Plates

Lay a sheet of paper over the plates and rub with crayons to reveal a simple shape. Rubbing plate options include dinosaur, insect and leaves, shapes and faces. Layer for added effects.

Wax Magic Triangles

The combination of large flat sides and sharp angles plus the need for only light pressure and ease of handling make them ideal for releasing the natural creativity of all children. They may also be an easier to handle option for rubbing plates and textures.

Messy Trays 

Contain the mess with these hard plastic trays. Use them for paint, sand and more.

Messy Mats

Heavy vinyl mats in five colours including clear. For use as a work surface and protecting tabletops.


Good scissors are a must and a variety of options are often needed.

Paper Plate Treasure Box

Includes White and Coloured Paper Plates, coloured Bright Tag, Cello Sheets, Coloured Tissue, Yarn, Poms, Curly Hair, Glitter, Coloured Pop Sticks, Wiggle Eyes, Sticker Forms, Stick-A-Lick, and a free CD with hundreds of craft project ideas.

Happy creating and remember:

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