Coding in Real Life

Picture this: it’s springtime and the kids are outside enjoying the sunlight on their face and the fresh air in their lungs. What does this mean for you? A bunch of happy children… and muddy clothes.

After their fun but (begrudgingly) messy day, their clothes get tossed into the washing machine – you set the washing machine to normal and adjust the temperature to warm, then go on with your day. What are we left with? A fresh pair of jeans that are ready for all the upcoming days of stomping around in rain boots and a fresh sweater ready to wick watery mud off their brows… into the wash, they go again.

Now, let’s dig a little deeper. How did we get from squeaky clean to needing a wash to clean again? As much as I am sure we all wish we could get from one end to the other in an instant, as with everything in life, steps must be taken in between in order to achieve our result.

Something even as habitual as laundry also requires steps! We get dressed, we go outside to play, we come inside, we notice our clothes had a bit too much fun, we put the clothes in the washing machine, we set the washing machine to our desired settings and the final product is clean clothes ready to get dirty once again.

It seems like such a simple idea that a certain number of steps would be needed in order to achieve a result, that exact same principle can be applied to many facets of life, including… Coding!

Arguably, coding and coding literacy are some of the most important skills for future generations to learn. Every task requires directions to complete, utilizing the fundamentals of coding. Daily, we’re surrounded by technology that requires coding to work, whether that be your average appliance or coding specific toys such as Botley The Coding Robot.

Botley teaches the basics of coding through active play, providing a foundation for what will be necessary for our children in their future endeavours and everyday lives!

Botley is 100% screen-free to limit screen time and includes a 45-piece activity set with fun and interactive features such as the ability to detect objects – and move around them, follow looping commands, navigate obstacle courses, follow black lines and even has additional hidden features to unlock!

Botley is also only one of the many coding products we have available that will equally benefit your children and their familiarity with coding, such as Pre-coding Penguin Activity Cards and Coding Critters Ranger & Zip. Any of these products would be beneficial in furthering your children’s knowledge regarding coding.

With the ever-changing times and the development of new technology, it has never been so important to rely on parents and early childhood educators to stimulate and educate our youth. Let us make sure that they are ready to take on life’s challenges regarding this new technological age, encouraging them to become bright individuals with even brighter futures.

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