Back to School Essentials

What we consider to be back to school essentials varies greatly depending on the individual teacher and what they are going to be teaching but some things are pretty universal.

A Good Pencil Sharpener

This is a must and stops the headache of permanently blunt and broken pencils. There are some different options but a quiet automatic pencil sharpener that works with six different pencils sizes is very appealing.

Dry Erase Boards for Students

Student dry erase boards are a wonderful way to check understanding, keep students focused and a useful planning tool. The new Dry Erase Answer Paddles are fun and a useful way to check students have grasped the main points of a discussion. Questioning during an introduction and allowing doodling can help keep students focused on what they are learning. They are also a good way to plan writing and some students like the flexibility of being able to erase quickly and redraft.  If you prefer a larger writing surface for students these 2-sided Alphabet Write ‘N Wipe Boards are lightweight and of great value. The other side is blank and so ideal for drawing and free writing.

Post-it Notes

Essential to have in any classroom post-it notes are great for labelling your photocopies and annotating student work. They are also a great way to get students’ input quickly and make a clear visual sharing poster.

Book organization

Some teachers like students to have their own books at an easily accessible place, such as a magazine/book holder for each student, other teachers prefer to keep the same books together in a container. My favourite storage containers are Gratnell Trays. They last a lifetime, won’t let you down mid carry and come in different depths depending on your needs.

Alternative Seating Options

I have discussed this in the past and am excited to see so many classrooms embracing alternative seating options for their students. The Tilo Motion Stool is a great option for any classroom and comes in different heights and colours.

Marking helpers

To make marking more appealing, I use stickers and fancy pens. I choose pens in different colours, (sometimes glittery or smelly) and use stickers to encourage a dialogue between teacher and student. I find if the writing is bright students are more likely to read comments and suggestions and work towards improvement.

Whiteboard Pen Selection and Organization

Lots of whiteboard markers are essential in my classroom. I tend to walk around with them in my hand and put them in my pocket so a good sized collection is a must. A Magnetic Storage Box help to keep a few staples like markers and pointers handy and clear for sub teachers who come into your room.

Basic Supplies

I like to have a teacher collection of pencils, pens, erasers, colouring pencils and markers for those students who are unable to bring supplies or whose supplies are dollar-store quality and quickly disintegrate. My favourite pencil is the Tri-Write Comfort Pencil and name of the pencil reveals why. Pens and erases I am not too fussy about although cheap erasers can destroy a page pretty quickly! The variety in colouring pencils is huge. Having basic supplies makes life easier and arguments less, hopefully.

Whether you are shopping for your class or your children, good luck with your back to school shopping. May you find all you need and enjoy organizing!

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