10 Games to Keep You Active

We are all looking for ways to have fun and keep active! As teachers, we know that a good run around the park or field can do a world of good.  But what do you do when the weather or time constraints are keeping you in the class?

Try some of our favourite active games!

1. Crocodile Hop Floor Game

Use the inflatable dice to hop your way across the river, but will you make it without being eaten by the croc, or falling in?  Great for individuals or groups. Ages 3+.

2. Follow the Big Foot

A group game of safe stepping as you look for Bigfoot! Use the soft-sided dice to set the course and overcome obstacles, but who will find the Bigfoot first? perfect for 1-5 players. Ages 4+

3. Smart Toss Colour/shape/Numbers

Learn a little math and practice your bean-bag aim with this foldable, cornhole style game.
Ages PreK+

4. WePlay Rock N Fish

Teamwork makes the dream work in this cooperative fishing game.  Build eye-hand coordination as well as communication skills while you gather all the fish, crabs, starfish, and bait. Solo or teams. Ages 3+

a boy and a girl fishing for plastic toy fish, crabs, starfish, and bait
Can you catch all the fish?

5. Grabolo

Roll the dice and find out who has the sharpest eyes and fastest hands. Grab the matching colour and number disc or be the first to name who already has it, in this fast-paced table game. Ages 6+

6. Egg & Spoon Race

A good old egg and spoon race! But this time without raiding the kitchen or worrying about cleaning egg out of the rug.  This kit adds a colourful twist and the ‘cracked’ eggs will be a fun surprise! Ages 3+

7. Dino Egg

Looking for a bigger challenge! this dino-sized game takes egg and spoon to a whole new 20″ tall level! comes with 6 inflatable dino-eggs and oversized spoons.

8. Seek-A-Boo

A memory style game you can play on the floor!  Find animals, shapes, animals, and food as you match the 36 ‘find me’ cards. 2+ players. Ages 1.5-3.

9. Alphabet Marks The Spot

With 8 games in one! Use the 5 inflatable picture dice for letter recognition, letter-sound correspondence, alphabetical order and simple word building. Great for individual, small-group or even the whole class. Grades K+.

10. Math Marks The Spot

Roll these soft numbers and operation dice and race to find the answer on the oversized number mat. Stand on the spot or put your marker down for group games. Grades K+.


11. Magic Moves

With 90 instructions this little magic wand will get you moving! Stomp like an elephant or soar like an eagle while the lights spin and the music plays.  Great for following along and listening to instructions.  Ages 3+

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